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Originally this site was a Wordpress based. I was tasked to port the design to the Reliance Network platform. One of the key decisions was to redo all Flash generated items to JavaScript and CSS based objects. Using JQuery, the petal navigation was implemented using a show/ hide function with html five data attribute.

150th Anniversary Mini Site

This project was to convert designs from image files into a completed mini site. The site was created to work on top of the University's current ASP based CMS. I developed a custom jQuery horizontal slide menu, bubble chronology time line, and Calendar.

Design by Chapman University

Grand Central Art Center

Grand Central Art Center required a website that could be easily modified and have a dynamic content management system. The website contains a administration are where content can be added, edited, or deleted. This was developed with CSS, JavaScript, and standard HTML to create the user interface. While behind the scenes PHP is controlling the functionality and MySQL is storing the information.

Hide and Seek

The Hide and Seek Foundation needed a facelift on their old Joomla based website. Themeing the site was done in different stages to compensate the CMS. Parts of this theme was created using includes outside the CMS. This design was created by Jocelyn Foye and converted into a functional design by Michael Kilmer.

Flaunt Salon

This was developed using the MooTools Framework. The idea was to create a side scrolling experience using jump links to across what appeared to be a desk.

Designed by Jocelyn Foye.

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